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3 Easy Vegan MICROWAVE Meals (Dorm Room Friendly)

RECIPES • Sweet Potato Chickpea Boats: Poke some holes in as many sweet potatoes as you desire and microwave for 4-6 minutes, flipping halfway.

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  1. I'm going to try and make these today! I moved into a Korean dorm house and I don't know how to feed myself, because it's very hard to find fresh fruit and veg here, it's often so expensive. Excited!

  2. I would advise your viewers that too much nutritional yeast can cause adverse reaction in females bodies though, causing yeast infections~ I used to love it but now it's kind of a scary ingredient for me xxx

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this! I've been staying in a hotel room and this saved me! I'm a vegan musician working on the east coast and relocating to LA. I'm going to post and tag you on my Instagram ^_^ stay focused !!

  4. Does anyone think regular potatoes would still taste good in place of the sweet potatoes? (In the first recipe) I don't personally like sweet potatoes but the recipes look delicious.

  5. I would definitely love more microwave/simple meals. I work full time and am in grad school and hate "traditional" meal prepping so meals like these are usually my go-to!

  6. It's almost dinner time!! I'm going to make vegan cauliflower bites (but the ranch dressing to dip it in is vegetarian), and I'm having a salad. I need to do some dishes first though. I like this idea for a series. I almost blew up my microwave cooking a sweet potato though. So now I only bake them in the oven, yes I have to wait longer.

  7. For the first recipe, do you also eat the skin of the sweet potato or are you supposed to sort of scoop out the potato and not eat the skin? Sorry if it is a bit of a dumb question but I've never eaten sweet potatoes like this

  8. Unrelated to this video, but I was wondering if you could make a video giving advice for starting a vegan instagram? I've heard you say so many times that the easiest way to meet other vegans is through social media and I don't know any other vegans near me, so I'd love to make an account and see where it goes. Thanks!

  9. Loved this video, I didn’t know you could cook sweet potatoes in the microwave! Definitely going to be trying these recipes. I’d love to see a video on microwave breakfasts, especially ones that can be made the night before and cooked in the morning because I’m usually pretty pushed for time in the morning but still need a hot breakfast in the winter (and my creativity ends at different variations of microwaved overnight oats).

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