3 Easy Oreo Dessert Recipes

3 easy and delicious dessert recipes for Oreo lovers. Easy homemade Oreo ice cream recipe, Oreo cheesecake bars recipe and Oreo truffles recipe. If you like …

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  1. Hey just so you know on the cheese cake recipe on your guy's site that you have linked in the description you have add heavy whipping cream in the instructions though it's not used in the video or listen in the ingredients section

  2. Oooo I have a really good one that my family really likes every time I make it.

    1 15 oz pack of Oreos (you can use double stuffed) also you might want to have another pack just in case

    1/2 cup butter, melted

    2 packs of 3.9 oz instant chocolate pudding mix

    3 1/4 cup cold milk

    1 litre container Cool Whip

    1 8 oz block cream cheese, softened (it takes a long time to soften, so for best resulted leave on the counter the day before you are making this)

    1 cup powdered sugar


    Put all the Oreos into a large plastic bag and beat with a rolling pin on the counter. You want some chunks, but not to big and also some crumbs

    Set aside 1/3 of the Oreos for the top and mix the rest with the butter. You can put the Oreos into a bowl then add the butter or add the butter straight to the bag

    Press evenly into a 9×13” pan, and chill until we need it again

    I’m a medium to large bowl, whisk together the pudding mix and milk. Cover and place in fridge to set.

    In a medium bowl, blend the cream cheese until smooth using a hand mixer or stand mixer. Slowly add the powdered sugar. Fold in about 1/4 of the container of cool whip, or 8oz. Spread over the crust. Now spread the pudding on top of that. Spread another 8 oz or 1/4 of a litre container of cool whip on top. Sprinkle with remaining Oreos. I like to do more, do I get a few Oreos from a second package but you can do as many as you want

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