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3 Easy Egg Breakfast ideas ( for Toddlers & Kids ) | Egg breakfasts for toddlers & kids |

3 Easy Egg Breakfast ideas ( for Toddlers & Kids ) | Egg breakfasts for toddlers & kids | RECIPE #1 – Boiled Egg Breakfast Ingredients: ( for #1 – Boiled egg ) 1 …

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  1. Hi 🙂 .. Here is more breakfast recipes for 1+ year baby / toddler 🙂 .. click the links to watch ..

    Breakfast ( choose recipes from below )
          10 Easy breakfast ideas ( for 2+teeth baby/toddler/1-2 yrs ) –
          Multigrain & nut mix (12+months baby breakfast) porridge –
          2 grain 2 nut cereal for 12+months baby breakfast porridge – 
          6 Oatmeal breakfast recipes (for 1+year Toddlers, kids & family) –
          3 Breakfast Cereals for 15-24 months baby –
          Banana dosa / pancake (for 4+teeth baby/ toddler /1-2 yrs ) –

    11 am – light snack ( choose recipes from below )
           Quick blueberry banana muffin ( for toddler,kids,family)-
           Egg custard recipe (for toddlers,kids&custard lovers) –
           4 Quick Blender muffins (for toddlers,kids,family) –
           3 Easy Egg breakfast ideas (for toddlers & kids ) –
           10 Fruit finger bowls ( fingerfood for 2+teeth baby ) – (offer as finger food ) –

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  2. Hi mam,
    U r really blessed to have a baby like "Aara"😊. Also, Aara is gifted with a "Supermom😘". I love cooking 🤩but my daughter hates chewing and eating😣. She loves all unhealthy fried snacks and bakery items similar to her dad. I am hopeless in making my child to gain healthy calories. My daughter is such a worse picky eater that I hate myself😫. I am really jealous of your little one🙄. I hope my daughter will start eating atleast in my dreams 😪 Sometimes,she finishes the bowl if it is her favourite. She is not gaining weight. She is not chewing her food properly. I am really worried on seeing my child like this. I wish my problem will get resolved on receiving your reply. God cannot be everywhere and therefore He created Najla☺️😉.
    Hat's off for your efforts 👏

  3. have started following your videos. it's very helpful for mothers. my baby boy is 20 months old and he is a very fussy eater. also, he still prefers mashed food be it rice or any other vegetables and doest like dry foods. please help me with some healthy recipes option. thanks

  4. Hi, I tried egg muffins.. but it didn't turn out brown at the bottom like yours did in the was all yellow.. did I miss something? Any suggestions. Thank you 🙂

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