3 Easy Delicious Fruit Salad Recipes

These simple and delicious fruit salad recipes are perfect for summer! The Creamy Ambrosia Fruit Salad Recipes, Berry Peach Fruit Salad, and Cucumber …

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  1. Ah, opening up the pores to cool the body, if you're in an arid area, where sweat readily evaporates, it works. But it is the evaporation of sweat that creates cooling. Just like alcohol feels cold, it's its' evaporation.
    Where in humid areas, sweat doesn't evaporate, so you get soaked with sweat which holds the heat.
    But don't eat foods thatll draw water, like pasta. Eat light. As any food does draw fluid to the gut for Digestion. So, you would want to eat wet foods like fruit.
    I know this as fact, as I learned it and lived it. That's called experience.

  2. You are such a great cook. Wow! Thanks so much for taking the time out to share your recipes. Your so smart, & make me hungery. When ever I am looking for a new recipe you have it. Thanks again..

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