Breakfast Ideas

3 CHEAP, EASY & HEALTHY make-ahead breakfast ideas!

I want you to eat breakfast! It’ll energize you for the rest of the day! But if you have no time and are on a budget, I feel ya! So here are 3 super duper easy and …

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  1. I just tried the pancake in a mug and I used frozen blueberries instead of fresh it's still really good but I bet it would be a lot better with fresh blueberries

  2. i used baking power because my mom and ma has no baking soda and i can't afford some of these recipes so i just used normal milk, and normal flavor and one egg and berries is too expensive so i don't have fruit. I also used honey…

  3. I am trying to go dairy free because of PCOS, and I tried vegan cheese, and it was sweeter than cake. So gross! Is there perhaps a brand or trick to make it not taste like actual sugar?

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