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25 Ground Beef Recipes | Easy How To Recipe Compilation | Well Done

25 of our favorite ground beef recipes are just a click away. From burgers and casseroles to meatballs and Instant Pot innovations, we’ve got you covered!

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  1. I have made the Taco pie and the cheeseburger casserole and they are Both delicious except in the Taco Pie I don’t use refried beans my kids don’t like them so I just put more cheese there lol

  2. Im doing the 2nd recipe. I just set it in the oven so lets see what happens lol thia better not be bad cause not all parents trust their kids to make the whole family dinner! Ill update back when its done. Update:it just came out the oven and its looks and smells great! For now im waiting for my dad to get home until me and the fam eat! Be prepared for the next update!

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