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24 Dorm-Friendly Microwave Meals

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  1. Okay so I tried the Mac and cheese andddddd…… it was a fail I did it right but it didn’t work the pasta was uncooked and the sauce was DISGUSTING and I feel like crap now….yeahhh just do it the right way

  2. Okay I literally just saw most of this exact same video on 5 Minute Crafts. What the hell. This is cooking, not crafts! You wanna know why it’s 24 and not 25? Because y’all didn’t microwave a frickin beauty blender

  3. I just tried the "veggie and cheese". It was so good! I'm not in a dorm but I'm living alone for the first time and new to cooking so was lookin for simple things.
    I did pre cook the spinach slightly on the stove, and added some seasonings to the egg-cheese-milk mix. These recipes look great, thank you!

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