20 Disney World Desserts You've Gotta Try!

We’re always on the hunt for new Disney eats, and these are some of our favorite desserts in Disney World right now! Let us know in the comments which ones …

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  1. Whats the texture like on the mango pie? I tried a recipe at home and the texture was all wrong but the pics look like its about the same texture of a key lime pie, help a home baker out!!

  2. Not Really the biggest fan of brownies unless I could soak them in milk or ice cream. So the cupcake they said was like a Brownie probably would it be for me

  3. The grapefruit cake….. ya…. um…. no. I was so excited to try it last October. I had heard about the famous Hollywood Brown Derby grapefruit cake and couldn't wait. Oh my god… I would have never imagined what a used kitchen sponge tasted like. Now I know. If they were looking to replicate the flavor of a used kitchen sponge, they captured it in all its glory in the Grapefruit cake. I still can't get the taste out of my mouth.

  4. Love your videos but as a Southern girl I have to correct you about chess pie! Many chess pie recipes call for buttermilk or evaporated milk and it is sometimes just called "buttermilk pie." Chess pie is not the foundation for pecan pie, it is actually totally different. Pecan pie usually has a corn syrup or molasses base, and the filling does not call for milk at all. Pecan pie WITHOUT the pecans would be "sugar pie" or "shoo fly" pie – usually a brown pie made with syrup or molasses. 🙂

  5. The Kitchen Sink looks like something I'd make at home, (especially the chocolate one) but without the fruit and considerably less ice cream and toppings for a 1 person serving and in a regular bowl. Most of these look good, by the way.

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