Organic Cooking

15 – 90m/hr+ Cooking Organic Feed and Coming Food Change Black Desert Online BDO

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  1. Soooooo you are pay 2 win? Yep you lost all cred bro NEXT! 8:32 You had us going for a min -_- So you spend more then what I spend too play WOW ($179.88 at a monthly charge of 14.99) in a year, yeah right. You got 2 be nuts…

  2. lol 7000 oatmeal, its 2 honey each oatmeal so that mean you shooted honey hives until you got 14000 honey, how much time took you that? did you counted that 2 months shooting honey hives withouth do anything more to check if was really worth? lol i just checked the market and there is only 1 oatmeal selling, 1 oatmeal for the whole server, so you cant buy it from market, that recipe its madness, the payment its not worth unless you get 500 million profit, 90 millions can looks like a lot for a newbe player but its peanuts in terms of time and effort invested.

  3. These videos are only partially correct. Getting Meat and flour which are always sold out is a bitch. So unless you are massively over paying to win pre orders this cannot be done as stated in the title. And if you farm them yourself this takes up a lot of time as well. Its a way to make profit but he makes it sound like all the materials are just easy to come by. THEY AREN'T

  4. hey incendar! really appreciate these videos, was just wondering what your current method of getting lamb meat/any meat at all?.. I was trying to pre-order meat off the market from prices up to 6k (per meat) and wasn't even able to get it, and gathering just seems super slow. any extra help would be super appreciated thanks!!

  5. The market is player driven but is ->as far as i know<- by definition pve (please double check your source before trying to correct me on the market being defined as pve). Maids have no direct impact in any competative pvp scene and by that they are not pay to win unless you forget to bring enough potions to dragged out node wars.

  6. Organic, Good, or Normal feed… It really doesn't matter. I have tested smashing pets… From the looks of it, the actual level of the pet matter more. But RNG is RNG. T1 + T1 = T2 or T3. I have combined 2 lvl 10 T1 pets to get a T3, and 2 lvl 1 T1 pets to get a T3 . But I've gotten 1 lvl 10 T1 and 1 lvl 1 T1 pets to get a T2 pet. Never used anything but vendor bought feeds for my pets.

  7. so 1. i'm not in agreement with your idea of what demand is here…

    pets can be fed by any family member at any time from anywhere. you don't have to carry around pet food while outside of town if carry weight burden is an issue… just swap character and feed pets and swap back… meaning, just buy 128 default pet food from stable. it weights a lot, but who cares. you're not taking it anywhere… it takes 1-2 minutes and then you get back to w/e you were doing. you could do a video stating this ^^^ and it would be a lot more helpful to new players…

    also, 2. these videos of yours titled "x mil /hour" are going viral among the twitch community, and not in a good way…. you're looking more and more like a troll or a complete fool in the eyes of the community, because we know your math is bogus. your numbers are 100% indefensible. yet you just posted another video with the same bogus logic. so you're doubling down instead of adjusting course in the face of heavy criticism…

    and 3. its sad that you've resorted to just adding caveat that you can just buy 100 maids for $1,200 US currency… this sounds like something a paid shill would say to boost income for the game studio… i mean… you might as well make your next video on how you can make 95million silver per hour by purchasing artisan memories from the pearl store… it would be more true than this meat market nonsense, and yet just as disgusting.

    it's already bad enough we gotta pay like $150 per alt for carry weight and inventory space if we want to do anything meaningful with them.. that doesn't even include all the other highly important functional items in the pearl store, or the fact that its now impossible to buy value packs with silver because of the broken notification system combined with the transaction maid that PA has implemented…

    these maids should die in a fire. the marketplace is a complete joke because of this "pay to screw over the rest of the playerbase" feature. and you promote it, instead of condemn it. you're on the wrong side of things, man. truly sad.

  8. This is misleading, since demand on meat/oatmeal is very high. Now yes you can technically make 90m per hour, but that is turning mats u spent hours and hours gathering and then turning them into more profitable recipe. Just like if u grind you gather the trash for 20 hours then turn them in 1 hour BOOM 200m/h :D.

  9. playing on TW server. you really need many feed for your pets if you going grinding for hours. the new faster loot mode consume your pets stamina really fast!

  10. I've got CP and workers I can use. I don't have the fish nodes or a boat. How do i discover theres fish nodes without a boat? I'm quite new and seriously poor lmao. Another question, I've only got Silver Embroidered Cook's clothes (+1, artisan 2 and nothing else, would organic feed still be profitable enough to bother doing? Thanks!

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