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11 SUPER EASY Camping Breakfast Ideas

These are my go-to breakfast ideas for camping! Some of these meals are no-cook, and others only require a camp stove and one pan or pot. Did I mention that …

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  1. Something I'd love to see is cooking in one pan/one pot. Cleaning from cooking is the WORST when camping as the sink water is usually freezing, the sink can get clogged easily, etc. I guess cast iron would be a good option since you don't technically wash those with soap right?

  2. I just found your channel. After watching this, I'm subscribing. You and I have a lot of similarities when it comes to food. Also, my husband's first meal that he made for me was breakfast burritos and coffee.

  3. Amanda, you’ve provided an excellent and comprehensive overview of car camp breakfast options. I love hearing another persons ideas and always learn something I had not thought of.
    Here are a few additional nuggets from my family’s experiences of anyone cares to read on:

    • eggs often crack in transit and make a real mess. We now pre-crack our eggs and pour them into a Rubbermaid bottle that easily holds a dozen. You obviously have to keep in cooler or 12v fridge. They are then ready to just pour out into your heated skillet.

    • for egg sandwiches, keep a few mason jar lid rings in you camp box. Set on your hot skillet, plop in a small pat of butter, then pour in some egg for a well formed egg “patty” for sandwiches.

    • Coleman style camp stoves have two burners; while you are cooking meat and/or eggs on one side, use the other to toast your muffin, bagel or bread. I just use set on skillet w/pat of butter in it.

    • My family both car camps and backpacks. Dehydrated foods are a staple in the backcountry where everything must be shelf stable and weight is paramount, but over time, I’ve come to use it for an ever greater portions of our front country cooking as well. As for breakfast items, in addition to oatmeal and pancake mix’s discussed in the video, I also love dehydrated hash brown potatoes (can mix lots of stuff into them) and frequently use powdered milk, eggs, butter, tomato sauce and cheese. They allow you to stay out longer and pack lighter.

    • Last point, consider buying bulk packs of single serve condiments, such as syrup, PB, jelly, ketchup/mustard, hot sauce, relish, mayo, honey, etc… For most trips, you really don’t need much of these items. Instead of having your pantry box full of heavy jars/bottles you will barely use (most require refrigeration once opened so there goes your cooler space), just bring packets based on menu and # people. Stored properly, they last a long time. They are then ready for you to quickly grab & go when packing out and they also become part of your home emergency food stockage (along with dehydrated goods mentioned above).
    Apologies for such a run on “comment”

  4. Idea: The packets can be precooked ( w/meat) and warmed in the 🌞 sun…makes storage easier/safer in the cooler…less stuff to bring along. Lots of good ideas, thanks

  5. Thanks for the tips Amanda. Here’s a tip for you, toss out that butane lighter and use a Arch Lighter. The Arch lighters are wind and rain proof. They also work in cold weather unlike butane lighters. Buy the one with the flexible neck, way better then the other type. You also have a choice of USB rechargeable lighters (most common) or the AAA battery types. Once you try it, you’ll never go back to those butane lighters again. Happy trails.

  6. Amanda, although foil is the campers best dream it’s important to place a barrier between the food and the foil. Aluminum is linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. My trick…place a layer of paper bag(s) maybe parchment paper, between the food and the foil!!

  7. Getting so hungry watching this. You guys eat so well at camp, I'm jealous!

    For car camping where you have a full-size stove, skillet, and cooler, these are awesome suggestions. Personally I would love to see a backcountry/backpacking version of some of your cooking ideas because my current menu in the backcountry is very limited.

  8. Amanda, you hit on several of our favorite camping breakfasts as well. As my husband and I were watching your video, he was putting his hand on my shoulder and smiling at me as you mentioned meal after meal that we love. One we hadn't thought of was the breakfast quesadilla. That looks delicious! We will need to try that!

  9. The best camping breakfast I have ever had was scrambled eggs with crab and cocktail sauce. It was the first night of an epic packrafting trip! We were finishing off the 5 pounds of fresh caught crab meat that someone brought for crab louise the night before. Delicious. More common breakfasts for me are very similar to yours! I like the idea of making a group parfait bar with different toppings. I usually car camp with a group of 6 or more, so being able to batch cook for different folks is a must!

  10. Love these ideas! My boyfriend and I are new to camping. We've researched some places we want to go, but it seems bears and mountain lions frequent those areas. I was wondering if you've ever had an encounter with that kind of wildlife? 🐻

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