Vegan Recipes


We transform plant-based ingredients into super ‘meaty’ dishes that are 100% vegan. These are our Top 10 vegan meat alternatives to wow your carnivore …

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  2. How is it you wanna eat a meat like substance or even look like meat … if you a vegan… ReaLLy what the point of being vegan if you wanna eat something looking like MEAT 🥩

  3. The Faux Gras looks like a very nice paté, but not like a faux gras at all. Unfortunately to have something closer you need way less protein, and way more fat (and more alcohol)

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  5. I have a month of not eating meat so I’m here trying to find new ideas I’m getting bored so hopefully this helps I’m going to try them meat is not for me I get to sick stomach problems where to bad and I have a month of not eating meat and I feel amazing

  6. Vegans i have news for you, if you think you are vegan and trying to make your vegan food taste and look like meat, Guess What??? YOU ARE NOT VEGAN, you don't see carnivores trying to make meat taste like salad do you? LOL, don't get mad at me for saying the truth, I'm here cause I'm omnivorous so i like your food too hehe

  7. Awesome video and the food looks amazing! I've been vegan for over a decade but have never purchased any of your cookbooks. Just wondering if these recipes are in any of your cookbooks? Thanks for sharing these amazing vegan recipes with the world!

  8. (wife typing) I love the ideas but cook with less oil and processed foods. If one is trying to lose weight one can try eating less in calories per lb and more starchy veggies. Can some of these recipes be made in an air fryer or at least water sauteed?

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