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10 QUICK AND HEALTHY SNACKS for kids (Krissy Ropiha)

In today’s video I’m sharing 10 quick and healthy snacks for kids (totally mum snacks too!) that my kids love to eat! I hope you enjoy these easy no bake snacks!

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  1. My one year old is starting to go grab the puffs and bring them to me and fuss for them lol and sometimes I’m so tired I just let him eat them all. These are really great alternatives. They look so yummy!

  2. I just discovered your channel! I am learning some healthy snacks for my boyfriends younger siblings because his mom does not know how to feed them healthy delicious snacks. I just wanted to give a tip for filming: It would help your viewers if you could angle the camera down towards the food you are preparing while you voice over. 🙂

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