Vegan Recipes

10 Minute Vegan Breakfast Ideas!

This video features 3 (or 4) simple and delicious vegan breakfast ideas that can be made in about 10 minutes! These recipes are great for busy or lazy days …

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  1. hey , i live in india , and some of the brands and things u use r a bit difficult to find …..but i love ur recipes and i have made many , and they r amazing….can u suggest me some online store from where i can get things easy that deliver here plz

  2. Ok here is a idia but I’m not vegan but recipe is so one banana mix separate vegan butter and chia egg and outs then mix alll together then make banana pancake

  3. I'm vegetarian but my mum won't let me go vegan (and tbh that's fair enough bc I have a few vitamin deficiencies) but I make quite a lot of my own food so I try do do at least 1 vegam meala day. I know it wont help as much as going completely vegan but its all I can do rn :/ at least it's still helping that little extra bit tho 💜

  4. Ok, ok. I discovered your chanel yesterday and watched 5-6 films and all of those are on the new playlist with vegan recepies. I have already done the list of products for tomorrow. Also my not-vege boyfriend is gonna kill me :')

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