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10 “HEALTHY SNACKS” to Avoid in 2020 (Brands Named)

If you believe the advertising in magazines and on television, then all the “Healthy Snacks” I talk about in this video are good for you and will help you lose …

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  1. My daughter eats organic sunflower peanut butter made from sunflower seeds (brand name SunButter), I thought sunflower oil was an oil to avoid, but uncertain if it applies to this product since it states on the label that it’s made from sunflower seeds.

  2. Well Dr. Berry,
    You have made my life even worse. I don’t even like Keto. I don’t like meat enough to eat it everyday. I am a full grain person. I would rather eat a bowl of cereal with fresh berries over eating a piece of meat. I would rather eat peanut and butter sandwich rather than eat a piece of meat. Life just isn’t worth living if you can’t have a bowl of ice cream or even a little cheese cake. Ahh well, no pain more gain.

  3. I eat 1 or 2 rice cakes everyday. Of the 10 you listed rice cakes is the only one I eat. I like them so I'm not likely to stop. I walk 2 miles everyday and exercise everyday so I think I'll be okay.

  4. Eating these foods won't make you fat nor fail to gain muscle. Count your calories and dont pig out. He mentions "pure carbs" or "pure sugar." That's exactly what foods at the molecular level are. Again, count your macro's and avoid processed foods.

  5. I disagree on many of these. I use several of these during my workouts for several good reasons for energy. During a 30-40 mile bike ride, nice to have carbs and sugar. Bottom line, many of these have a good use, when used sparingly when needed.

  6. Notice that some of Dr. Berry MD's advice and recommendations might seem to contradict with the Dr. YouTube DC's advice and recommendations. I'll take the advice of a knowledgeable medical doctor over that of a chirpractor.

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